Postpartum Soothing Salt Soak
Postpartum Soothing Salt Soak
Postpartum Soothing Salt Soak
Postpartum Soothing Salt Soak
Postpartum Soothing Salt Soak
Postpartum Soothing Salt Soak

Postpartum Soothing Salt Soak

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A specifically designed postpartum blend selected to aid healing, promote circulation, reduce bleeding, swelling, itching and inflammation. 


Harnesses nature’s remedies to effectively reduce recovery time and allow new mums time to relax and reflect, providing a much-needed opportunity for self-care.

Fast forward your recovery time and help heal and repair tender tissue. This unique botanical blend for postpartum women eases ailments birth may cause.

Weight: 165g

How to Use

Fill a bathtub to your desired level, ensuring that the water temperature is not too hot before immersing. A sitz bath or large bowl is a perfectly good alternative if a tub isn’t available. Sprinkle a few intuitive handfuls of postpartum bath salts.

For best results, use 1-3 times a day in the immediate days after birth. A treatment time of 20 minutes is recommended to receive the therapeutic benefits of the salts. 

In some cases, immersion in a bath is not appropriate after a caesarean. If in doubt, check with your healthcare practitioner before commencing.

The Ritual

While the bathtub is filling, bring yourself back to your centre with 3 deep, grounding breaths. This is a time where it is easy to get lost in a haze of sleep deprivation, close your eyes and with each breath in, bring your awareness to the present moment.

The Result

Enjoy lowered pain and inflammation, tension, and anxiety levels from the power of pure salts. These salts will also work to recharge your nervous system and improve circulation to encourage wound healing and reduction in those dreaded hemorrhoids. Reveal a nether region that is calmed, soothed, and less inflamed.

Healing Benefits

Postpartum contains a beautiful blend of native rosella wildflowers and dried lavender sourced from the quaint mountainous region of Tasmania for soothing those tender lady bits.

Calming calendula is used to ease tensions and lift spirits, intertwined with magnesium and pacific sea salts to soothe away the day’s stresses and promote healing.

This unique botanical blend for postpartum women helps to soothe and repair delicate tissue.

Bathing in water infused with the healing properties of herbs is a crucial step to repairing and healing post birth.


Magnesium Chloride* (Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Flakes) Sodium Chloride*, (Australian Pacific Sea Salt) Lavandula Angustifolia*** (Dried Lavender) Calendula Officinalis*** (Dried Calendula Flowers) Achillea Millefolium*** (Dried Yarrow) Hibiscus Sabdariffa*** (Dried Wild Rosella Flowers) L-Ascorbic Acid*, (Vitamin C).

Certified Organic ***, Organically Grown**, Natural/Wild Harvested/Non-Gmo*.

For a full glossary of the ingredients we use in our products, click here.

Word to the Wise

As salt is a natural mineral when it is exposed to air, overtime it will begin to melt! To avoid this, keep the lid on tight when not using, or refrigerate to avoid humidity exposure.

Included is an organic cotton drawstring bag if you wish to contain the flower matter rather than dispersing the contents throughout the bath water. To drain the tub, please remove flowers prior to releasing water.

Remove flowers immediately after use to avoid bath staining, especially in Stone bathtubs.